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Don't have the technical knowledge to install our scripts yourself? For a one-off fee you can have one of our team install a script on your server.


Installation Pricing

Script Installation Price
Particle Blogger $50.00
Particle Gallery $50.00
Particle Links $50.00
Particle Whois $50.00
Particle Wiki $50.00


If you are interested, you can use this form to get in touch with us. If you are ready to order supply us with as much information as possible (such as URL, FTP details, etc, see below). We will invoice you and once paid we will get you up and running.

Detailed Information

In order to install the script we will require FTP access to your server and a database with relevant user access setup. However, if you are unable to set up the database we can also do this for users of cPanel, Helm, Command Matrix, Webmin, Ensim, Plesk and others (contact us to enquire) but obviously we will require your account username and password to do this. Therefore for security reasons, if is recommended you change your password before we begin and after we have finished.

Refunds will be given in full if we are unable to install the software (due to problems such as the technical specification of the server) however you may be subject to fees for receiving the money so please ensure your server matches up to the requirements of the script beforehand.

Payment is processed by PayPal. Though we do not have any specific time period guarantees, we will aim to get the script installed within 48 hours maximum of receiving all the information we need from you. Please be aware that installation does not cover premium support after the script is setup or customisation of the code, however will will make any configuration changes you request at time of purchase (configuration changes are defined as anything setup from the admin panel of the script itself).

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